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Double-themes Candy Buffet for Birthday Parties

Everyone is doing them. The fun candy buffet to replace the pastry table at parties and celebrations. They are beautiful, easy to make, and require much less clean up time afterward. Perhaps the best part of the candy buffet is you can create your own style and make the party uniquely yours. There is nothing “standardized” about a candy buffet. The rules are flexible and you can customize the entire table.  

All candy buffets have a theme, color scheme, and primary reason. For example, Billy wants a Ninja Turtle ® party for his 7th birthday. The theme is Ninja Turtles ®, the colors are usually green, blue, and maybe yellow, and the primary reason is a birthday party. The rest of the effort goes into finding an online candy store to buy from in bulk, gathering supplies and putting the table together. But there are times when a single theme will not do and in those times you need a double-themes candy buffet. A few reasons why you would want to double theme the buffet:

  • You are celebrating the birthday of twins

  • An adult and a child have a birthday close together and celebrate with one party

  • A change of seasons theme for returning to school, going to high school, or graduating college

  • Combining two parties, like a wedding party with a baby shower

  • Holiday parties where the family are from different cultures 

You get the idea. A double-themes party allows you to celebrate two different people or events with one candy buffet.

When you do a double-themes table, the hardest part is the centerpiece. You can use a picture of the people being celebrated, a nice sign reading, “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, or you can tie the two themes together.

If Billy’s party's Ninja Turtles ® and his twin Bella’s party is Barbie ® you can use the left table for Billy, right for Bella and the centerpiece can be a cake or setting of Ninja Turtles ® rescuing Barbie ®. Use your imagination and consider the age of the guest of honor and let your creativity lead you.

Setting up the table

The candy is going to be the same for each side, except in the colors you choose for each. In our example we would set up our left table with hues of green, blue, and our neutral color is yellow. For our right side (Barbie) we will use pink, purple, and yellow. The yellow will tie the two sides together. Our centerpiece will be a combination of all the colors and our tablecloth will be a layered look of purple (or pink), then green, and then the top layer which is on the table itself is yellow.

Use tall containers on the back row and use these containers for candy like rock candy on sticks, straws, lollipops, and candy sticks. The middle section is for shorter and wider jars, this is where you will layer candies like gummies, M&M’s, gum balls, foil covered candies, and other candy that is about this size.

Using candy that is too large or too small will result in having to spend too much time refilling jars. The front section is for individually wrapped candy, specialty candy and any other candy you can stage in trays. Let your candy supplier know your color choices and allow them to help in your selection.

The backdrop is easy for the double-themes candy buffet. Hang rows of streamers or ribbons in the colors of the table and attach themed stickers, balloons, or small toys to them. Fill in empty spots with small toys of the theme. Provide candy bags for each theme on either side of the table.

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago today we were faced with the pain of having to leave our sweet babies in the NICU while we went home. Instead of reminiscing about it, I'm going to share birthday party details with you all! 

This past weekend, Andley and Silas turned TWO! I can't even believe it. It has been the most amazing, fun, blessed and chaotic two years. They are simply and uniquely two of a kind and we couldn't be more thankful for them. They are our everything.

I love party planning on a budget and this years theme was Pretty Pretty Tutu, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Andley & Silas are turning two! The color scheme was light pink, navy blue and gold and it was perfection. We spent a lot of nights making tutus, painting and cutting out decorations, hence my lack of posting. Enjoy the pictures! 

Let me just tell you now, gold is HARD to photograph when you're not a professional so the pictures really don't do the party much justice. But, it was super cute and so much fun!

Cupcakes by Sweet Treats by Mandy // Cookies by Cupcakes for a Cause by Danika // Water Bottle Labels (FREE printable) // Railroad Crossing Signs (FREE printable) // Navy Chevron Paper (FREE printable)

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Choosing the Perfect Invitation for Any Occasion

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minted and is 100% my own opinion. Minted has not influenced, nor reviewed this post prior to it going live.

I feel like I'm continuously on the search for the perfect invitation or announcement for special occasions. Of course all that started when my husband I got engaged in 2008. We set our wedding date for summer of 2010 to allow for adequate planning and savings. The search was on for the perfect save the date card. It was much more difficult than I could have imagined trying to find THE card. Then came the wedding invitations and that was even more challenging. I'm quite picky... I wanted a unique and classy card with a touch of whim but didn't want to spend a fortune. I finally found both. Not my favorite but they worked. Our wedding was really my first taste at event planning. Since then, I've thrown many baby and wedding showers and now I'm getting to plan the funnest of all... birthday parties! All birthday party planning is fun but it's even more fun with b/g twins. Why? Because I get the privilege of using my creativity to combine things each of them like all while somehow making it cohesive.  But, that leads to yet another challenge... choosing invitations that combine their personalities without being too generic. 

I'm that crazy mom who starts planning my little one's birthday party 6 months or more ahead of time and I decided several months ago that their 2nd birthday theme will be "Pretty Pretty Tutu, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Andley & Silas are turning Two!" I am beyond excited to see it all come together. I have been on the search for an invitation that fit both b/g, it doesn't have to have trains or tutu's on it, just something I can add wording to that represents a fun party. Well, I looked at many different stationary and invitation sites when I found Minted. I am so impressed with their unique selection of invitations and announcements for all occasions!

I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want to purchase for the birthday invitation but I've limited it down to two. Both of which I love. Not only are they exceptionally creative but their options are endless, they have a variety of color schemes, paper types, edge styles and their personalization options are endless.  

Now where were they when I was planning our wedding?

If you happen to be planning a wedding, be sure to check out their newest collection of expressive save the date cards. Holy cow, their effort to show a couples personality and stay classy is spot on! I would have loved to have had a selection this great to choose from. 

Minted not only offers a great selection of stationary,  invitations and announcements but they also offer artwork, home decor, fabric, as well as an awesome design challenge for artists! How cool is that!?!

And check out their custom photo art for the little one's, these adorable creations would make the perfect addition to a nursery or bedroom, as well as a sentimental and affordable gift for a baby shower or birthday party!

 All of that in one location, the possibilities are endless I tell ya! I can't wait to share which birthday invitations we choose.