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Getting to A & S

As most young girls do, I began dreaming of my future as a wife and mother at an early age. I remember writing down baby names for when the day would come that I would name my child(ren).

I met a girl in cosmetology school whose name was Dawnell, which was half of her mothers name and half of her fathers name. I thought this was such a neat idea and it  got me thinking, Andrew and I could easily do that and create a precious girl name: Andley.  When thinking about boy names, I always loved Andrew's middle name: Silas and thought it would make a great first name.  I remember telling Andrew that we could name our children Andley and Silas, not thinking much of it as we were in high school still. 

Well 8 years later, we were trying to name not only our first child but our first TWO children! You think naming one at a time is hard, try two! We considered many names:

Girl: Andley, Laynee, Grace, Scarlett and Ellington. 

Boy: Slade, Boston, Gary, Diesel and Silas. 

We decided pretty early on that Andley Grace would be absolutely perfect for our sweet daughter who is destined to be full of class.  For our son, it was important to us to use Gary as his middle name, as that was my papa's middle name and Silas which is Andrew's middle name as well as his papaws. We didn't decide on his name until closer to the end of my pregnancy because we couldn't seem to agree on the perfect name.  We considered naming him Slade Gary Silas but after much thought, we decided Silas Gary was perfection. 

We could not wait to meet our sweet Andley Grace ((A)) and Silas Gary ((S))!

Andrew's Papaw & My Papa and I

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The Nursery

I could not wait to decorate the nursery, I had been obsessed with Pinterest long before my pregnancy which led to a lot of design inspiration for gender specific nursery's. Those inspirations weren't so inspirational once we found out we were expecting a boy and a girl since we wanted them to share a room.

We decided to have my mimi make custom bedding and curtains that would coordinate. We went to Hobby Lobby and ended up picking out red/cream chevron material for the curtains and bed skirts, cream/black giraffe print material for the boys blanket, and black/cream leopard with red rosettes for the girls blanket. We used duck cloth for everything and black micro fleece for the back side of the blankets. For the bed skirts, we made the boys pleated and the girls ruffled which gave them their own unique spin.


Black convertible cribs from Target.

Bedding and curtain material.

Vinyl Monogram Wall Decals.

Paint. San Antonio Grey- Benjamin Moore

It is virtually impossible to find a rocker/recliner in a color other than the traditional baby colors without spending a fortune.  We went to Bob Mills instead and chose a red rocker/recliner, which is super comfy!


Since we were having twins, we wanted an 8-drawer dresser that we could utilize as a changing table as well to save room.  Ikea had the perfect one in black brown  and we put in a few white drawer organizers for socks, etc.

While we were shopping at Ikea, we found several Leka Cirkus stuffed animals to decorate the room and a tin trash bin with a lid for their soiled diapers. 

The shelves, frame, red and turquoise drawers and laundry basket are from Hobby Lobby.

We also added a few of our own childhood touches:  one of my favorite childhood books that my papa bought me at a garage sale 'Stinky Feet' and Andrews toy bus.  


I think it was a sign from the Good Lord that we bought a house that had a bedroom with double closets in it.  It is perfection for the twins sharing a room! 

The "I love you to the moon & back" sign was a Christmas gift in 2011. This was a perfect touch to the room, as the saying is one my mimi has always said to me. I actually have it tattooed on my wrist in her handwriting.


Some close ups of a few details.  

The To Love A Child Canvas is by Glory Haus.

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Second Trimester

The second trimester crept up on us quickly and I had to start wearing maternity clothes at 14 weeks, what?! Come to find out, they are mighty comfortable and I will miss those jeans while sporting my well fitted low waist jeans, as well as the not so sexy maternity panties that Andrew wasn't so fond of.

Shortly after finding out the sexes at 16 weeks, I felt the twins move for the first time.  This was the most amazing feeling ever, no words can truly explain how amazing it is to feel your child(ren) move around and kick while in utero.  It's something I miss but I have several videos that I will cherish forever.  The excitement that I felt with every movement and the joy that overcame Andrew when he could see and feel them was breathtaking. The sweet moments of him talking to them throughout my pregnancy and just showing them his love was the sweetest.

We spent Thanksgiving in Memphis with Andrew's family which was the first time him and his mom felt them move.  This would be the only time his Memphis family would see us until after the twins arrived, so we soaked up the ease of traveling and visiting everyone while we could.  While we were out of town, my mom, dad, and mimi painted the nursery and put up the new light fixture, which was a wonderful surprise when we got home! Painting is such a pain and they took time out of their Thanksgiving break to do it for us. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it or not but I have the best family ever!

Our first trip to the hospital was at 22 weeks.  I was having what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions but was told to go the the hospital if they became consistent. Well apparently I was having the real deal but nothing significant so they sent us home and all was well.  I lived the next several weeks with these contractions, thankfully they weren't painful just uncomfortable.

Symptoms: I have never been sick so often as I was when I was pregnant! I had multiple upper respiratory infections, colds, a stomach bug and my first and ((hopefully)) only very painful UTI. I was up all night crying with that awful thing, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. Contractions I can handle, a UTI not so much!

Oh, and my Boppy maternity pillow quickly became my best friend after the wonderful sciatic nerve and hip pain decided to make their debut.

During the second trimester is also when I started being unable to sleep at night due to being uncomfortable, having to pee ever hour, and having the dreaded heartburn. I was still working so this made for very looong and tiresome days.

Cravings: Everything I already loved before, especially cheese burgers!  Still no odd cravings or aversions.

Weight gained: 30 + lbs! Gracious!

Best moments: They were moving all day and night at this point, especially when I was sitting upright. At 24 weeks we were able to see them move, which was absolutely amazing.

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