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Baby Shower

I'm excited to finally be sharing pictures of my baby shower with y'all! It brings back so many fun and exciting memories. My wonderful best friends, mom, and mimi hosted the shower and it was absolutely perfection! I will never be able to thank them enough. I didn't have a specific theme in mind so I chose the invitations and they went with the colors from there.  I wanted it to be classy and gender neutral, and that is exactly what I got!

We had a great turn out and got everything we could ever need for A & S plus more.  We couldn't be more thankful for our wonderful family and friends who made it such a special day!

Here are some of the details:

Cake: Amy Cakes, Norman, OK

Cake: Amy Cakes, Norman, OK

Invitations: MTipsy

Invitations: MTipsy

We also played a few games, which we printed from: For The Love Of George

30 weeks

30 weeks

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The Big Day!

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, A & S are almost 9 months old now and I am reminiscing about the miraculous day they were born.  They have truly been the greatest blessings in our lives and we could not be more thankful for healthy and happy ((for the most part)) babies.  We are also extremely grateful for our village of close friends and family who have made our journey into parenthood much smoother. 

On to the reminiscing:

After a routine appointment with the specialist on March 7, 2013 we were sent to the hospital for a non-stress test (NST) to evaluate S a bit more since he wasn't breathing as well as he should have been.  Little did we know, we would be admitted and having A & S the next day. This evening and the big day are really just one big blur. There was so much excitement, anxiety, and shock that we were practically in our own little world.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:00pm and they monitored me in triage, then within two hours admitted me.  At this point we still didn't know what the plan was. They decided they would monitor me over night and do another NST in the morning, which would determine the plan.  In the meantime, they went ahead and had me sign my life away and hand over my thumb prints for the birth certificates.  Then hooked me up to every machine possible, got the IV's flowing, and informed me I wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything ((not even ice)) until the doctor decides on a plan.  At this point, we knew that it was very likely we would be having A & S a few weeks sooner than expected. 

Through the night I had contractions every 3 minutes but none notable enough to warrant any pain meds. Apparently the nurse thought so since she asked me several times. I inherited a high pain tolerance from my mom and mimi, which can be a blessing and a curse.  It was a sleepless night, as I had too much on my mind, I was dying of thirst and the bed was the least bit comfortable. 

Morning finally came and S didn't pass the NST yet again and the nurse said they would likely be performing a c-section in a few hours but the doctor would arrive soon to make the final decision. The doctor arrived a couple of hours later and explained she had been advised by the specialist to proceed with the c-section to ensure the health of A & S.  This was it... I only had a few hours of pregnancy left. We were worried they would go straight to the NICU since they were 5 weeks early but the nurses informed us that it would depend on their condition and it would be possible they wouldn't need any NICU time. That was a sense of relief but nevertheless it was still nerve-wracking.

1:00pm rolled around and the anesthesiologist came in and prepped me and by 1:30 they were taking me to the operating room.  What an awkward feeling going into an operating room awake and fully aware...especially when there are so many people waiting for your arrival.  They double staff for twin deliveries so it seemed like 100 people but really it was only about 10. As I waited on Andrew to come in they gave me the spinal, which I had heard many horror stories about, but my experience was absolutely painless.


Silas was born at 2:01pm weighing 5lbs 8ozs 18 1/2 inches long and Andley was born at 2:02pm weighing 5lbs 10ozs 18 1/4 inches long. I didn't see S immediately, as they started cleaning him and quickly delivered A.  When they held her above the sheet my heart melted...what a beautiful beautiful girl. I looked over and could see S' head and it was covered in little ringlets and I fell in love all over again.  Much to my surprise S came out screaming but A did not. As a new mother I was worried when I didn't hear her immediately but Andrew assured me she was breathing and crying. The look on Andrew's face was full of relief, excitement, and a love he had never known.  It was something I will never forget.  The nurse handed A to him and he had a look of shock on his face and asked "Hold her?!?"  and that distinctive look of a new dad who is madly in love with his child overcame him.

They took S to the nursery and unfortunately had to take A to the NICU.  Sometime after taking S to the nursery they rushed him to the NICU because of his breathing.  As much as I didn't want either of them going to the NICU, I was glad they would be together.

Andley Grace

Andley Grace

The next week was emotionally draining...

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Third Trimester

Gracious, I love this man!

Gracious, I love this man!

I will begin by saying, I loved being pregnant! I really truly miss ((mostly)) everything about it.  Despite the insomnia, heartburn, reflux, 70+lbs gained, sciatic nerve pain, hip pain and being a bit uncomfortable, it was an out of this world experience.The third trimester was busy and full of amazingly breath taking moments.  I think I rocked the whole twin pregnancy thing, if I must say so myself.

29 weeks with my mom and mimi.  

29 weeks with my mom and mimi.


I decided I was going to stay home once Andley (A) & Silas (S) were born but planned on working as close to the end of my pregnancy as possible but I ended up resigning at 28 weeks due to the demanding doctor appointments. I was having ultrasounds, biophysical profiles (BPP), and non-stress tests (NST) up to 2 times a week nearing the end.  It seemed as if I was becoming close friends with the OBGYN and triage staff, who would have ever thought?

Since I decided early on that I was going to breastfeed we started breastfeeding classes at 32 weeks.  I am so glad I chose to go ahead and sign Andrew and I up for the classes because they were extremely informative!  I would have been clueless if I wouldn't have participated and they helped Andrew to understand the logistics and appreciate it all as well.

The next few weeks were packed full of doctor appointments and getting the house ready for the twins arrival!  It was so fun washing all of their clothes, perfecting the nursery, and anxiously awaiting their arrival! I had all of our bags packed and car seats installed by 33 weeks, just in case they decided to make their grand entrance before my scheduled c-section at 37 weeks.

Starting at 34 weeks, S was barely passing the breathing part of the BPP's  so they were sending me for NST's which he always passed and they sent me on my way. The doctors weren't showing much concern since he was passing, even if it was barely.

Then, at 35 weeks 2 days I had a BPP at a different hospital than usual and my OBGYN was out of the office.  S didn't pass the breathing part again but the nurse didn't send me for a NST like usual.  I didn't think much of it since I had an appointment with the specialist later that day. 

When I arrived at the specialist, I explained the situation and he was upset they didn't send me for the NST and he continued with a BPP.  S still wasn't showing much progress breathing so he decided to go ahead and send me to triage to be monitored.  He explained if S didn't pass the NST, he was recommending an emergency c-section. Andrew and I were not expecting to get this kind of news from a routine doctor appointment.  We were in shock and very anxious, as we were not expecting to meet our sweet little loves for a few more weeks.  Fear set in, not knowing how they would do 5 weeks early. Once we left the specialist, we decided to go get a Subway sandwich before going to the hospital since we were starving. Good thing we did, little did I know I was going to be admitted and not be able to eat anything once I arrived.

Symptoms: I was having terrible reflux, insomnia, and was peeing more than I ever thought possible. Braxton hicks and contractions were much more common by this time and A was constantly flipping over, one moment she would be breech the next anterior.

Cravings: I never craved anything other than things I already loved! Flamin' hot cheetos, almond, pistachios, spaghetti-O's and hamburgers were some of my favorites!

Weight gained: 70+lbs total

Best moments: I absolutely loved getting to feel A & S hiccup, move and kick so often, as well as seeing them on ultrasounds and BPP's quite frequently.  Andrew and I really cherished these moments. 

Stay tuned for the big day!

Below are pictures of our professional maternity pictures by Christina Tiller Photography.

When choosing a photographer, I wanted someone who was personable, creative, affordable and had a great eye. Christina was the perfect choice and I was very impressed with our pictures.  She was such a trooper too! Not only was it super windy that day but she was also nine months pregnant and didn't fret once about getting down on the ground or in other awkward positions to ensure she was able to get awesome shots!  I highly encourage every expectant mother to get professional pictures done to document such an amazing and beautiful time in your life. I chose to wait until around 32 weeks to do them, as I wanted to make sure I was as close to the end as possible to get some awesome belly shots.  I will forever cherish them!

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