Pampered: Luxe by Mr. Bubble + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mr. Bubble and is 100% my own opinion. Mr. Bubble has not influenced, nor reviewed this post prior to it going live.

Women love to be pampered.. it's like a dream come true, am I right?! But, the reality of it is we don't always make the time for it for a number of reasons: we're too busy, pampering products can be pricey and we tend not to make ourselves a priority. 

Well good news... Luxe by Mr. Bubble is affordable and convenient to purchase. In fact, it's now available at select Ulta stores (including online) and will be available at Target as the holiday season approaches. No excuses mama's, a double stroller is easily maneuvered in both retailers!

I'm currently using the Bubbletini Bath Bombs and Shine On Lip Balm in Original Bubble and the All Buttered Up Body Butter in Sweet & Clean. While I really enjoy all of the products, my personal favorite is the smooth, light and buttery body butter. It's heavenly! Smells fabulous, doesn't leave a greasy residue and really moisturizes my skin! The bath bombs are lovely as well, they provide for a lightly scented time of relaxation and even give the water a light pink hue to add to the experience. As long as I can keep them away from my daughter, I will be taking full advantage of these fun little bath bombs! The Shine On Lip Balm is so light and smooth! It's a great basic to add to your skincare collection.

Offered in three wonderful scents: Original Bubble, Sweet & Clean and Sparkling Sorbet, you're sure to find the perfect products! Once you give it a try, head back to the store and pick up a gift set for the other ladies in your life who deserve to be pampered too!

Did I mention that the Bubbletini container actually serves as a beverage shaker when you're done with your bath bombs?! Double win!

Mr. Bubble is offering readers a chance to WIN some of their awesome products so head on over to my Facebook page for details!

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Where's Your Loyalty, Oklahoma?

Dear Thunder Fans,

     Today is Independence Day, a day to celebrate independence and liberty. It's a day those in the south don't take lightly. This year has been different though, instead of scrolling through social media to see "land of the free because of the brave" and an entourage of American Flag profile pictures, my feed is filled with "KD took the easy way out", "Never trust a longhorn", people questioning KD's loyalty to Oklahoma and even burning Durant jerseys. 

I want to ask you a question... where is your loyalty to Oklahoma? Is it all tied up in a single NBA player or can you mourn the loss of not only a great player but also a great asset to our community, move on and support the team that still stands before you? Can you spare some of that passion, that go-get 'em attitude, the spark, frustration, concern and downright eagerness to fight for something more? We're ranked 46th in the nation for education, we have the highest rate of female incarceration, our mental health system is failing, public education is losing funding at an unprecedented rate, there are over 8,000 children in foster care and the list goes on. Take a moment to think of those things, do those things light a fire in you like losing KD does? Or are YOU the one being disloyal to Oklahoma? 

During KD's time in Oklahoma, he was a great asset to the community, local schools, the victims of the May 20th 2013 tornadoes and those living in poverty yet you're wondering where his loyalty lies? I'll tell you where it lies, it lies in the hearts of Oklahoman's who have been moved by his generosity, his eagerness to give fellow Oklahoman's a hand up and his ability to always play an awesome game.

It's simple, this is part of the NBA. Was his decision the best? Maybe, maybe not but he leaves behind a legacy, one that has shaped OKC into the place it is today and to disregard that is an embarrassment to your fellow Oklahoman's. You can be disappointed, sad and even down right mad but remember to dig deep to locate your loyalty before questioning his. 

Refreshing Fruit Popsicles

I don't know about you but I am always looking for healthy and affordable ways to keep the kids cool and hydrated in this scorching hot Oklahoma summer. These popsicles are our go-to, they're super easy and the kids love them! 

You'll need:


  1. Put a few pieces of fruit into each mold
  2. Fill with coconut water
  3. Freeze and enjoy!