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Carlton Landing: Our Family Friendly Getaway to Pleasantville

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carlton Landing and is 100% my own opinion. Carlton Landing has not influenced, nor reviewed this post prior to it going live.

Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you were in a dream in every essence? What about somewhere close to home that you never knew existed? Well we were able to experience just that two weekends ago as we received a chance to stay at an up-and-coming community on Lake Eufala,Carlton Landing. This place is magical, so magical that we didn't want to leave. Instead we wanted to pack up all our belongings and move on in, which by the way is a possibility but for us isn't realistic at this time.  In the meantime, we hope to spend many more weekends staycationing ((I don't even feel like it qualifies as staycationing but rather vacationing, seriously I felt like I was in a different world)) there! 

The community is built on a strong foundation of passion, passion for nature, life, health and urbanism. From the cozy energy efficient homes to the sustainable community garden and farm, a beautiful pool and the nature surrounding the area including the vastness of lake Eufala. This is a community created around family and mother earth, in every sense. Not only is this a community to live at but also one to educate your children at, right close to home, through their own private school, The Academy. Oh, and there are American flags everywhere which just makes my heart smile even more!

As for adventure, you have the opportunity to paddle board, kayak and boat on the lake as well as parks, a pool and soon a rod & gun club and lake house. There are also two restaurants to enjoy while you're staying or maybe even LIVING in this dream, we didn't get to experience either but heard wonderful things about the food and service at both. 

If you have the flexibility to up and move, do so and go to Carlton Landing. If you don't, book a trip to visit or at the very least tour this amazing community. 

Not only do they have a lot to offer on a regular basis but they also host a unique array of events such as community dinners every Friday night, movie under the stars, holiday events, classes and even private events.

Did I mention that we took A + S with us and still had a relaxing time?! Life with multiples can be quite interesting in itself and even more so when we go somewhere new. Typically, me and my husband would be worried about what they're going to get into, them getting hurt, being bored etc. At Carlton Landing, it was the complete opposite. In fact the cottage we stayed in even had a few kids toys, they opted for running the stairs instead but the toys were available. To top it off, the community in general was very child friendly. Woo hoo, it's about time we take our little ones somewhere relaxing without being looked at like we're crazy.

Check out the cottage we stayed in, Freedom Cottage.