Big Fat Positive(s)!

On August 9, 2012 we found out we we're expecting. We were so nervous, excited and scared as we had both just graduated college and started our careers.  I was working as a Child Welfare Specialist at the time and was under contract until May 2014, repaying my college tuition.  How in the world would I manage a family AND a job that demanded so much time, attention, physical and mental activity? I didn't have the answer to any of that but time would tell. 

Everything makes  perfect sense now, including the 5 cups of coffee to keep myself awake earlier in the week, the many trips to the golden throne, the general blah feeling and of course the missing case of aunt flow!

Our reaction to the BFP(S).. well let's just say I'll never forget!

I went to the bathroom to test and Andrew waited outside the door, pacing in a nervous wreck I'm sure.  He asks if everything is okay and I responded with umm, maybe?!?, as the test immediately turned positive.  He knew right then, we were in for it.  I told him not to dare come in but of course he bursts through the door and I start bawling and ask him to go out... all while still sitting on the toilet mind you.  Haha if only that moment was captured on camera.  I finally get up and go in the bedroom where he is waiting on me and he asks why I'm crying. Well for one, I'm pregnant which results in me being a hormonal mess to begin with and two it's a surprise! He then goes on to say " I don't know about you but I'm pumped!".  This is a great example of the selfless, kind, and full of sense of humor husband I have.  Mind you, as he walked out of the bathroom just minutes earlier he let out a not so silent  "Holy s**t" under his breath.

We already had plans for the weekend to go float the river with some of my family, which included staying overnight with my mimi after work.  We were excited to go but that meant even more time to be hush-hush and unable to talk much about the big news upon each other.  Waiting two days to discuss this excitement and news was almost unbearable but we managed!

Announcing our pregnancy:

We decided not to tell anyone until Grandparents Day, which happened to be exactly one month after finding out. It was amazing how this surprise pregnancy came at the perfect time in our lives.  I always dreamed of getting pregnant around Grandparents Day so that we could make our big announcement on such a special day. Growing up, my family always celebrated the holiday and we wanted to pass that tradition along.

As with most things, we couldn't contain the excitement much longer and told a group of close friends two weeks later with sworn secrecy!

The day came and we had my family over for breakfast and my in-laws over for dinner.  At the end of both meals, we gave them all a card announcing the exciting news that we were going to be parents in approx. 6.5 months! Many happy tears were shed!

Stay tuned! 

Posted on October 15, 2013 and filed under Motherhood, Pregnancy.