Seeing Double... say WHAT!?!


We went in for our first ultrasound at 12 weeks and much to our surprise we weren't getting to see our babY but rather babIES!

As the ultrasound tech and I both look at each other laughing in disbelief I tell her I don't think Andrew knows what this means, as he had never seen an ultrasound before. She proceeds to say "I'm seeing double!". Oh the shock that overcame him...

What was our reaction?

We could not stop laughing and smiling in fear, shock, and excitement but mostly shock. I think we had a perma-grin for the next 24 hours or more. In the past, my Mimi had made comments about the possibility of us having twins in the future since twins run on my maternal side.  Never in a million years did we actually consider that might be the case, little did we know what we were in for. Coincidentally, I experienced "morning" sickness for the first time the same evening!

We immediately called my mom and Mimi, who happened to be together, followed by my mother in law and everyone else. Most people thought we were playing a joke... haha all jokes aside! After our appointment we continued with our evening plans of going to dinner and a movie. This was not the best idea since we could hardly sit still and contain our excitement! I don't even remember what movie it was, as I don't think my mind was actually functioning properly. I think we're still in shock a year later... wait...we have TWINS?!!!

There were many different emotions over the next few weeks.  Finding out your having twins is amazing but then the worry sets in.  I was labeled as "high risk" and was warned of the likelihood of preterm labor and the effects that could have on the babies.  This was something that I tried not to worry about too much but was always on my mind.  The neat thing about seeing a high risk doctor is that I was able to have a monthly level 2 ultrasound starting at 16 weeks, allowing us to see our sweet babies and monitor them much more than usual. Every month we looked forward to the ultrasounds but not without a bit of anxiety waiting to hear that everything was continuing to go well.  All we could do was hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy and do the best we could to maintain a healthy me in order to keep them baking for as long as possible.

Posted on October 16, 2013 and filed under Motherhood, Pregnancy, Twins.