Boys, girls, or both?! Oh my!

Our first level 2 ultrasound was scheduled at 16 weeks and we were told we would  be able to find out the sexes if we wanted.  We were stoked! We planned a "gender" (( I hate using the term gender in this manner but I won't go on about that)) reveal for our close friends and family that evening to share the news.

At our appointment the ultrasound tech began measuring Baby A first, without telling us the sex, then went to Baby B and immediately told us we were having a girl. She continued measuring Baby B making us wait in excitement about the sex of Baby A.  Andrew was waiting anxiously and I was thinking to myself "Please let Baby A be a boy, Andrew will be slightly bummed if we're having 2 girls", in a joking way of course, as he would have been extremely happy and thankful either way.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, she moved back to Baby A and told us we were having a boy too! We were so elated and overcome with unimaginable joy, as we were not only having twins but a girl AND a boy?!

To top it off, they were practically cuddling during the ultrasound, making for an exceptionally sweet moment! There was so much excitement in our lives, it was almost unbelievable.


We did a nontraditional reveal considering the two of us already knew the sex, we were just surprising everyone else! After our ultrasound we rushed to Target to get the proper colored icing then home to bake the cake and cook dinner for everyone.  While I was cooking and baking, Andrew was putting up balloons and getting the house ready for everyone's arrival.


Once everyone arrived, we had them tell us what they thought we were having as a fun waiting game. A few guesses: My mom- boys/ My dad- both/ my Mimi- both/ my MIL- both.

Then, we cut the cake which had colored icing in the middle to reveal the sexes! When we cut into the cake everyone screamed in excitement when they saw both pink and blue icing.  Once the cake was cut, everyone put their name suggestions into a box. Some of the names were silly such as Fred and Ethel, Moonshine, Pimp Daddy, and Sugar Momma.  Others were more "normal" names such as Evelyn, Lynnae, Lucy, Piper, Katherine, Levi, Slade, Paul, Hayden, and Axel just to name a few. The rest of the evening consisted of dinner, tears of excitement, and much laughter.

We couldn't wait to meet our sweet loves!

Below are a few pictures and a video, of poor quality, from that sweet sweet day!  

The invitations.

The invitations.

Sorry for the awful quality but it doesn't take away from everyone's excitement!

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