Getting to A & S

As most young girls do, I began dreaming of my future as a wife and mother at an early age. I remember writing down baby names for when the day would come that I would name my child(ren).

I met a girl in cosmetology school whose name was Dawnell, which was half of her mothers name and half of her fathers name. I thought this was such a neat idea and it  got me thinking, Andrew and I could easily do that and create a precious girl name: Andley.  When thinking about boy names, I always loved Andrew's middle name: Silas and thought it would make a great first name.  I remember telling Andrew that we could name our children Andley and Silas, not thinking much of it as we were in high school still. 

Well 8 years later, we were trying to name not only our first child but our first TWO children! You think naming one at a time is hard, try two! We considered many names:

Girl: Andley, Laynee, Grace, Scarlett and Ellington. 

Boy: Slade, Boston, Gary, Diesel and Silas. 

We decided pretty early on that Andley Grace would be absolutely perfect for our sweet daughter who is destined to be full of class.  For our son, it was important to us to use Gary as his middle name, as that was my papa's middle name and Silas which is Andrew's middle name as well as his papaws. We didn't decide on his name until closer to the end of my pregnancy because we couldn't seem to agree on the perfect name.  We considered naming him Slade Gary Silas but after much thought, we decided Silas Gary was perfection. 

We could not wait to meet our sweet Andley Grace ((A)) and Silas Gary ((S))!

Andrew's Papaw & My Papa and I

Posted on November 15, 2013 and filed under Twins, Pregnancy.