National Kangaroo Care Day

In honor of National Kangaroo Care Day, I reminisce on the first couple of weeks in which we utilized kangaroo care to help Andley & Silas maintain body temperature, gain weight, regulate breathing and heart rate.  We also used kangaroo care as a way to bond since they were in the NICU and I strongly believe it helped them to improve more quickly. It also allowed us to connect with them emotionally and physically, which was something we really struggled with every night we had to leave them. We ended up continuing it after we got home for a few weeks as well and it was just so comforting to all four of us to be so close and connected.

Kangaroo Care is such an essential part of life for a preterm baby. Study after study shows the significant benefits that preterm babies receive by being put skin-to-skin to their parents, mothers in particular. 

Those moments of closeness will be cherished forever. 

Posted on May 15, 2014 and filed under NICU, Twins.