Happy Father's Day!

Some days it's completely unreal that we are parents, especially to twins. I think this mostly stems from us knowing each other since we were 15 & 17. Who would have thought that 10 years down the road we would have a perfect family?

I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing father he is. I knew he was a perfect husband but I never imagined he could be any more perfect, until he became a father. His unlimited patience, positive attitude, high energy, sense of humor, intelligence, hard work and dedication to our family is breath taking.

It all began the evening of August 9, 2012 as he stood outside our bathroom door waiting for  the results of the pregnancy test. His face had shock written all over it and he says "I don't know about you but I'm pumped", because that's him. That's the husband I married, a husband who is always so excited about the future and always has a positive attitude even in times of shock and surprise.

Then the next surprise, when I was 12 weeks pregnant and we were sitting in the ultrasound room waiting to see our sweet baby. Much to our surprise we were staring at not only our sweet baby but our sweet BABIES. His reaction? Smiles and laughter, all while sitting there in shock.

All throughout my pregnancy he made me feel beautiful, rubbed my feet and back, painted my toenails, went with me to most doctor appointments, spent hours upon hours planning for their arrival, helped with housework and anything else he could do to be a supportive husband.

At 35 weeks 1 day when I was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly he stayed calm, rushed home to grab our bags and rushed back to be by my side. The next morning when we were told we would be having a c-section in a few hours he kept my nerves calm. As he entered the operating room he came to my side and held my hand until they delivered Silas.

As they whisked Andley & Silas to the NICU he was there with them. He was there to comfort me after delivery when I was grieving over our babies being in the NICU and when the emotions hit like a ton of bricks every single time I had to leave their side. One occasion in particular, our last night at the hospital before being discharged without them as he sat on the hospital bed with me at 3:00A.M. bawling because I didn't want to leave them.

A week later when we were so excited to bring them home and suddenly Silas wasn't breathing properly as we were walking to the car, the trip back into the NICU if only for 30 minutes was emotionally taxing and he was there for me to cry on.

He was there to support and encourage me for 13.5 months of pumping so that I could provide A & S with the best nourishment possible. He's been there to clean diapers, wipe snot with his bare hands, wear spit up, clean bottles, feed, bathe, change and simply care for A & S.

He's been there... always. He always has and always will because that's the man I married.

From the moment he walks in the door every evening until the moment we go to bed, he's playing with, reading to, cuddling with, loving on and caring for A & S. In his eyes, they are everything he's ever dreamed of and more and little does he know, he's just that to them as well. His love for them is incredibly astounding. There's absolutely nothing he won't do for them. I look forward to them being able to truly admire the kind of man he is, I know they'll always be proud to call him Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to an amazing man who I'm honored to call my husband.

This Father's Day, I want to wish all you loving daddy's a very happy day. Know your dedication to your family doesn't go unnoticed and your appreciated more than you'll ever know. To those who have suffered a loss or infertility, I wish I could wrap my arms around you and give you a great big hug and tell you how strong you are.  I wish I could tell you how important you are to so many people in your life and I send my thoughts and prayers your way. To the single moms who play Mrs. Dad, the single dads who are doing it alone, the step dads who have taken their step children as their own and the grandparents who never get to be grandparents but rather parents again, you rock! Since becoming a mom, I have a new-found respect and admiration for you all... Happy Father's Day.

Finally, Happy Father's Day to my (step) dad who has always been there for us and took us in as his own and continues to maintain that awesomeness as a Papa for A & S. We love you!

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