Potty Time Update


Well it's been a month since we introduced the potty and as with all things related to motherhood it's been an adventure. Much to my surprise Silas is more interested than Andley. I have always heard girls are much easier and that may be the case but at this point S is definitely showing more interest. He is peeing in the potty at least once a day and as soon as he starts he looks at me, smiles and claps. I love seeing him boast in his own excitement, it's the sweetest. A is doing pretty awesome to in that she shows interest in sitting on the potty and gets excited about doing so but hasn't peed in the potty since the first time.  

There haven't been many meltdowns, except when I attempt to put them on the potty too soon after waking up. Other than that as long as they can brush their teeth or have a toy with them, they are content and happy. I wasn't expecting either of them to be using the potty much at this point so I'm satisfied with the progress thus far. My goal of simply getting them comfortable with going in the bathroom and sitting for a few minutes has been successful, we'll see how long it lasts but I have hope! 

Update: Within literally 10 minutes of posting this, I take them to the potty and as usual S pees and A hangs out looking pretty. Afterwards, I take them to their room to put their diapers back on and S starts peeing on the carpet. This of course calls for me to swoop him up and run back to the bathroom. Well little did I know, he wasn't just peeing. The child was pooping. So poop flops on the hallway floor and guess who steps on it?! Me of course! Real funny God, real funny! 

Posted on August 24, 2014 and filed under Twins.