Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It's been quite awhile since I posted and I apologize! As always, life has been crazy busy. Since my last post, we celebrated Thanksgiving, went on a 5 day cruise, celebrated Christmas and New Years on top of the every day hustle and bustle. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful. Something about having kids makes the holidays a bit more special and I cherish all the memories we make while spending extra time with family and friends. Santa stayed up until 2:00 am building an awesome Kid Kraft red vintage kitchen for A & S, which has got to be the best toy they've ever received. It occupies them for several minutes at a time, multiple times a day. We live and learn... in following years we will begin the building process a few days or weeks early at the grandparents house. 

The cruise will be a separate post as I have a lot to share!

New Years Eve was an experience this year. My husband had mentioned several times that he didn't want to just stay home on NYE, so we spent the day at the Science Museum.  A & S have both been sick with what we believed was a virus but they woke up feeling more energetic and figured we'd get them out of the house. Then, much to our surprise Silas took a turn for the worse around 5:00pm and we ended up at the after hours clinic at our pedi's office. He tested negative for the flu and we were sent to our local hospital for a chest x-ray at which time it was determined he has pneumonia. Poor guy! Parents of the year...taking them to play, not knowing his illness was worse than the doctor originally suspected. So glad we decided to take him back in. He's now on an antibiotic and feeling much better. 

As for the New Year... there are some exciting things coming to the blog this year. I'm working on creating a new design, posting much more frequently and hope to work with fellow bloggers and family friendly manufacturers that I support. The possibilities are endless. 

I am passionate about writing and blogging. Each of my fans and followers hold a special place in my life, it takes a village! But, let's be real... life is hectic. I'm no superwoman and by the end of the day my energy level plummets and I am in need of a good night's sleep. Wait... what IS a good night's sleep? I truly have no idea these days. Our bedtime routine is a mess, which in turn results in our morning routine also being messy. Therefore, the only other "free" time I have is nap time and I spend it doing housework and other necessary to-do's. We're working on establishing a better bedtime routine and once we are successful I will be much more present! I miss you all and can't wait to get back to chatting with you. 

I hope your Christmas was full of peace, love and family and I hope 2015 treats you well my friends! 

Posted on January 3, 2015 and filed under Holidays & Parties.