To The Couple In The Booth Next To Us

To the couple in the booth next to us,

As you stare at our table in shock that our kids are slightly fussy and/or throwing food on the ground, please remember they're two and aren't fully capable of communicating their frustrations, needs and wants just yet. I will not apologize to you, nor will I punish my children or leave simply because you cannot empathize with a toddler

I know, you're thinking "those children are spoiled", "they need discipline", "how disrespectful", "why would they bring them to a public restaurant" etc.

Let me enlighten you...

1.) My children are not spoiled, they are toddlers who are simply frustrated and don't know how to communicate their needs and wants. We're working on it but in the mean time your patience and a smile would go a long way. 

2.) To add to that, I'm a mother, not a psychic or a magician. I will not discipline my children for my lack of understanding exactly what they need/want. It's going to take us a couple of minutes to get it together but I assure you it won't last more than a few minutes. We will be on the same page soon and we'll be enjoying our dinner while you are too. If my children happen to be upset after a few minutes, I will happily take them outside to calm them down or ask for a to-go box. 

3.) I will not leave a restaurant simply because you're bothered by a two minute meltdown. If you want to eat in peace and quite you may want to try an upscale restaurant or a bar, not a family friendly restaurant that offers a kids menu, crayons and high chairs. I promise you won't find us at either of those locations.

So next time you're at a family friendly restaurant or other location and there's a little one having a meltdown, take the time to remember that a smile and an ounce of patience goes a long way. Trust me, I'm a mama of a very toddleresque set of twins.

How can we expect children to learn how to act in public if we never take them? 

Posted on March 16, 2015 .