The Toddleresque Twos

I've been a little MIA lately, so sorry! 

Life is busy. Somedays we're just trying to make it through the day, others we're conquering the world. That's my life right now.

Having two two year olds has been rather interesting. This twin thing is hard work, awesomely perfect and exciting, but hard. 

By no means do I define this time as the "terrible twos" but rather the "toddlereqsue twos" because as chaotic as this time is, they are so much fun. Their little brains are working so hard and fast, it's amazing! 

Let me just paint you a few pictures of what life with two two year olds looks like....

1.) Bath time... it begins as a fun time but at some point someone is going to pour water over the other ones head, push them, take a toy, try to squirm out of the bath while I'm still washing them or better yet splash water all over me. At that point, the fun has just begun because then I have two cranky toddlers who are flailing around while I attempt to finish bath time.... it's great. THEN, after the bath I have to manage to wrangle them both down to put oil, lotion and diapers on them, get them dressed and brush their hair and teeth so they can run around the house like the little crazies they are.

2.) Meal time... my little loves inherited my morning hunger habits. They want food... the very moment they wake up. They wake up cranky, one tells me to cook while the other cries. I start cooking, they both cry, yell "hold you, hold you" repeatedly and push me the e.n.t.i.r.e. time. Then, once the food is cooked it's hot and by golly that is unacceptable. You mean food doesn't cool the moment you take it off the stove? People can walk on the moon for goodness sakes but a stove can't cool food in .5 seconds?! Something is wrong, so very very wrong with this picture. 

3.) Play time... no big deal, after all twins share! Wait, whose? Mine didn't get that memo. Two of the same exact toy, perfect solution you'd think but no, not even. Toddlers don't share... end.of.story. 

4.) The lulling car ride... ohhh they fall asleep, it's Heavenly. Until you get home and attempt to transfer them to their beds. I've spent many hours sitting in the car in my driveway to let them nap but I'm so over it. They have to sleep in their beds or I'll never get anything done. Well the logistics are a bit harder than that... I have two sleeping toddlers. I can't transfer them both at the same time without waking them, so of course I run one in lay them down and run to get the other. That's well and good until the first one turns into an angry bucking bronco the moment you lay them down. And there goes nap time.... 

5.) Public meltdown... oh the looks I get walking out of a store or restaurant holding two screaming toddlers who almost have enough strength to take me down.

6.) I have one toddler who can open and unlock all the doors, which is a mess itself, but then I have one toddler who can't even open doors. In many ways I'm so grateful they're not both able to do so but let's just say sister gets shut in rooms quite often which is never fun.

7.) They're climbers... one is climbing on the dining room table while the other is climbing in window sills. Which ones more dangerous? That's the real question. There was time not long ago that I was cooking dinner, A was playing on the floor and S climbed onto the dining room table in a split second. As I was running to get him off the table, little did I know miss A had spilled water on the floor and I busted it. At that moment, I had to think quick and decided whether to get him off the table first or clean up the water so someone doesn't bust their head. He was content on the table so onto the mop... There's nothing quite like quick thinking in the middle of multiple dangerous situations.

8.) Potty training.... this weekend, A decided she was done with diapers. Hooray! Except now S wants to join in part time. That's great except most bathrooms only have one toilet and I have two kids yelling "POTTY!". One who very likely really has to go and the other who is ticked because he wants to attempt it too. Regardless both are important but there can only be ONE! Better yet, when S is done or uninterested he runs out (doesn't matter if we're in public and me or sissy are still using the restroom), flushes the toilet a billion times, turns the lights off or sticks his head in the toilet... yes, in the toilet. 

9.) The stroller dilemma... this past week I took A & S to OETA day at the capital. It was over crowded to say the least and we had to walk a very long distance to even get there. As we were inside I overhead a lovely baby wearing mama of ONE suggest that strollers shouldn't be allowed at these sorts of events. I seriously wonder if it has ever crossed her mind that there are a few people in the world who have multiples, multiple children or special needs children? I am all for baby wearing but let me just tell you my little loves sure as heck aren't going to let me wear them these days, they are OVER IT. I would love to take them in places without the stroller so that they can explore things a bit more like her singleton likely can but chances are very high I'm gonna be running around like a chicken with its head cut off in two different directions to keep my kids safe and that's not fun for anyone. 

10.) You get the point...


Posted on May 5, 2015 and filed under Motherhood, Twins.