Mother's Milk Donation: The Gift of Health


I remember sitting in the hospital after my c-section and being so excited to produce a total of 20 ML of colostrum on the third day.  So excited that I took a picture and sent it to my mom and mimi.  Who would have thought that over 13.5 months, I would not only produce enough milk to feed twins but also an oversupply.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication and you can find more about my pumping journey here.


It just so happens that around the time I gave birth, the Oklahoma Mother's Milk Bank opened and they were looking for donors. Prior to giving birth I had little to no knowledge regarding human milk donations but a NICU nurse recommend I look into it if I continued to have an oversupply.  Well as with most new parents, life got in the way. Between bringing A &S home and developing postpartum thyroiditis, I barely had the energy to care of them and myself, let alone contact the OMMB, fill out paperwork and complete the required blood work.  In the mean time, I unfortunately ended up throwing hundreds upon hundreds of ounces of frozen breast milk away.

Finally, my thyroid levels evened back out and I got my energy back several months later.  I then decided to transition A & S to cows milk at 12 months and wean myself from pumping.  While I was weaning, I finally contacted the OMMB and completed the paperwork and blood work and I ended up donating 428ozs. The process was simple and I regret not contacting them sooner. I mean who enjoys throwing away such precious liquid?! Not me!

I highly encourage all breastfeeding mothers, who have an oversupply, to look into donating early on. By doing something so incredibly selfless and helpful for critically ill infants, I had such a feeling of empowerment. 

As always, I highly encourage you to contact your local milk bank and see how you can help:

If you don't have a local milk bank, contact the closest one to you.  I know the OMMB will send you the supplies needed to ship out of state and cover all shipping expenses and I'm sure others will as well! Do you part and help give critically ill infants the best opportunity at thriving, even if you have to ship out of state.

Posted on May 29, 2014 and filed under Motherhood, Scruncy Mama Tips, Twins.